Sunday, August 10, 2014

Challenge Day 8: Photograph

Hi everyone! =) Quality isn't as fabulous today unfortunately... Tried to record on my computer again and it's just not very musically gifted apparently... Sad day... Nonetheless, here we go! Today I'm showcasing my watermelon ukulele =) It's a classic style, as opposed to concert style ukulele that I usually use, and has a much more island-like sound. It's a little difficult to tell since the mic doesn't want to pick up the Uke today, but I'll be sure to use it again soon with a better recording device!

So, anyone else play this about a hundred times during Senior year of high school???

Photograph, Nickelback

1 comment:

  1. i say, are those snow boots by your front door? ;)

    good song, kali, and i could hear your ukelele just fine! thanks for explaining the difference between this one and your other ukelele :)